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  • femmy

    May 27, 2021 at 11:25 PM

    The question of popular global leisure activity has always sparked heated controversy. While some people claim that the foreign travelling have disturbed the lives of human and is witnessing environmental changes ;some advocates believe that the tourist industry plays paramount role in uplifting the growth of nation. This essay will examine both the views, but personally ,I strongly advocate that international tourists is advantageous for the economy.

    On the one hand, opponents of tourism claim that the world could face disruptions in the nature and could negatively impact the lives of man kind. This is largely due to the fact whenever any international tourist visits the country , they often condones the rules and regulations of that particular place which inturn causes complications for the people residing there. Not only people throw litter on streets but also causes damage to the public property. For instance, when sightseer visit countries, they throw the leftovers on the beach, which impacts the beauty of nature and also causes health related issues such as people are more prone to catch malaria and could develop skin infections.

    However, country can improve the brand image and can generate employment opportunities with the increase in tourism. This can be explained as the volume of tourists increases in the nation , higher authorities will become meticulous towards the architecture and interior of the ancient buildings, where development will take place in the nation. Importantly, because international tourists are more fascinated towards the local products , ordinary people can sell their hand- crafted goods to the explorers where people can generate great source of revenue. According to my personal experience, Whenever I visit any international destination ,I always make sure to buy the domestic products of that specific country because the products come with excellent quality and are of reasonable price range .

    In conclusion, the cited evidence provides strong support for the view that tourism is a great source of income and helps to improve the condition of economy . In the future, as more laws are introduced by government to control the damage caused by tourists to public properties and restrictions being imposed on tourists , this viewpoint will no doubt surge in popularity.

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