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  • Femmy

    May 28, 2021 at 12:18 PM

    The debate over instilling cooperating spirit or competitive spirit is quite complicated due to the various points each party holds. In my opinion, the amalgamation of both these skills is imperative for all round development of the child.

    I would like to begin with that children should be encouraged to become competitive. This is due to the reason if children are taught to compete with each other , children can turn out to be victorious in any battle of their life , which in turn prepares them to become future leaders. Healthy competition can be inculcated in child when the school organises debate competition, single sports competition, where children can learn competitive spirit. However, promoting healthy competition plays paramount role in children’s growth, it will help the children to navigate life better. For example, when children have competitive spirit amongst themselves, their is nothing in their life that is off-limits.

    On the other hand, cooperative skills help the children to comprehend things in a lucid way and children can develop sportsmanship . This can be explained as when children play in groups , children learn team-efforts as well as learn certain things such as better communication skills, which is required in almost every field today. Especially, children can learn moral values and virtues while playing together. For instance, not only cooperative skills are required in sports such as cricket, football but are also required in organisations where each task is dependent upon other.

    To encapsulate, in this modern era children need confluence of both cooperative as well as competitive spirit , which will eventually help them to excel in their life, with proper guidance of parents and teachers this goal can be achieved.

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