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  • Abhi

    May 30, 2021 at 10:15 PM

    Nowadays, many companies are adopting the policies of recruiting human resources for his or her whole lifetime . I completely accept as true with this transformation thanks to these prime reasons. Firstly, employees won’t leak the corporate secrets to other firms. Secondly, organizations may save huge wealth for the training processes of latest workers. This essay intends to research both reasons for my belief in details with suitable examples.

    First of all, working for whole life period for association automatically eliminate the risks of leaking out of the company secrets. For example, if an association replace their staff members every year then organizations investment plans, production procedures and confidential information may be leaked through ex-workers. As a result, firms may suffer from mammoth profit losses. Therefore, I believe that team member who will do the job for the entire life span could not leak out the corporation’s data even after retirement. A recent survey by “The Times of India” reveals that 40% of workers claimed that they have shared the enterprise confidential information to other firms for sake of huge money.

    Furthermore, I opine that companies may save huge training cost of new employees. Due to the continual change of workers, firms need to invest excessive wealth within the raining of latest staff members in order that they might work with none error. Consequently, firms would have saved enough fund by maintaining existing trained workers. This rescued capital might be used in other development processes of the association. For instance, in 2019, “The Dell” a famous software enterprise claimed that they might save a million dollars of coaching cost by maintaining existing employees.

    In conclusion, it is indeed true that many corporations are applying the policies of hiring job workers for their whole life period. Because not only employees will not leak out the company policies to other firms but also organizations may save huge investment in training operations of new workers.

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