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  • Femmy

    May 31, 2021 at 12:56 PM

    In recent decades, many researches have studied the importance of changing business employees . Indeed , to my mind, the need of hour requires changing business employees due to innovation methods as well as for employees amelioration. This essay intends to research both reasons for my belief in details with suitable examples.

    Firstly, I believe the theory of maintaining old employees has become anachronism .This is due to the fact , change is obligatory , hiring new employees will help in instilling the modern methods of technology which in fact will save mammoth unnecessary costs for the business. For example, Considering the current pandemic , businesses are operating online, old-aged people are unfamiliar with the modern gadgets which makes this thing unsuitable for the company ; however new generation can operate electronic gadgets with ease.

    Secondly, from the prospective of employees, it is of paramount importance for them to switch jobs as a result of which they are able to aggrandize their wealth. Owing to the fact , if employees take on different roles , not only they get increments in their salary but also they are able to learn different cultures of the organization which is necessary for the employees career growth. For example , As per my personal experience , I have witnessed that employees are more satisfied with change of their jobs because they got immense benefits such as hike in salary as well as got perks and are more victorious.

    I would like to abridge my thoughts at the end by saying that businesses should change their employees not only it will help the companies to introduce current innovation technologies but also are beneficial for employees professional growth.

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