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  • deepti khare

    May 31, 2021 at 11:16 PM

    Nowadays, there is a change in trend wherein more companies are focusing on hiring permanent employees rather than employees who switches job after every few years.

    To begin with, the focus of an organization should be hiring a qualified, skilled person for the job and not for the tenure. Organizations make candidates contractually obliged to work with them and offer high salary and perks. At first the offer looks lucrative but over the period, the employee may feel frustrated with the monotonous job.

    Organizations have started to believe that hiring permanent employees will require less focus on training and hiring. According to them, it saves their money and time and efforts to find a candidate. This way they are trending towards a cost-effective method which does not always work as a solution. They are restricting an employee’s knowledge and eventually he will get bored with his work. I have few colleagues who have been working from past 30 years in the same organization and their knowledge has been limited to what they have learnt in the organization which restrict them to think out of the box in many projects which were assigned to them.

    Hiring right candidate with required skill set will not only make the employee focused, productive but will also help in increasing the organization’s productivity. Employees with experience of different organizations will bring new ideas and perspective and who know they may turn out a better resource.

    While many advocates this new trend but I opine that people, who spend more time in an organization becomes mundane. Also, every organization has different approach and requirement. Organization should be open to hire fresh talent who may have different outlook.

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