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  • Rajat

    June 1, 2021 at 9:57 AM

    Competition among children is a very fragile topic which can be debated upon. I believe that introducing sense of competition can either make or break a child in terms of confidence.

    In my opinion, to bring the best out of children, they should be encouraged to compete, different tasks should be provided to them to access their performance and to know where they stand. If a child excels at something, he will feel even more confident than before but if the same child lags in some other task or activity than he may lose the confidence and may generate fear of competition. Another aspect to look for is the silver lining between confidence and arrogance. A child is immature, he would not know the difference between the two things and winning may incline him towards the latter one.

    Good parenting is the key to guide the child in all the dilemmas. Children should be encouraged to work harder if they fail or do not win, they should be taught well to take pride in defeat as well and to comeback stronger next time. Good guiding would not let for children to fear the competition or feel inferior even after losing one. As I mentioned earlier, winning can make a child arrogant because he does not know the difference between confidence and arrogance. Good parenting which could guide the child to understand the difference will make sure that he becomes mature and confident and winning should never get on his head or in his nerves.

    To conclude, I believe that children should be introduced to competitions, this would not only build the confidence but help the children to excel at various tasks at various points of their lives. But, as Stan Lee said, “with great powers come great responsibilities”, with confidence a child can get cocky as well. Parents should always keep an eye to always guide the children whether they lose or win, if they lose the confidence or gain more than enough of it. Good parenting will keep things at bay and help children shine.

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