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  • rahul

    June 1, 2021 at 10:02 AM

    There are lot of debate amongst the societies worldwide whether sense of competition amid the scholar is fruitful or it should be discouraged for their betterment. In my opinion we should work on to abolish this feeling of competition between the students and focus on their individual grooming. This essay focus on the benefit of eliminating competition between the students.

    To Commence with the need of eliminating competition amongst the scholar is that by eliminating this student should be able to focus on their individual goal and improving their skills instead of working on getting good score in an exam as compared to their friends. It is worldwide accepted that if the people work without any pressure on themselves than there are higher chances of learning and remarkable result. To illustrate this, I must say that in European countries there is no pressure on the students for getting good rank and teachers are constantly working on the grooming of their students.

    Moving to negative consequences of competition which have seen in the past is that youngsters are struggling in getting the achievable result as compared to their friends which sometimes result in depression or mental stress on the students which is not good for their health. This negative result should be avoided at any cost and the parents should stop comparing the marks of their children with their friends and not create a stress on their children for getting highest rank.

    Taking everything into consideration, I must say that the competition should be avoided totally and the educational authorities must work on to create an education structure which focus on brushing the skills and knowledge of the students. Even if there is competition then that should be healthy one’s and not create a stress amongst the students.

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