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  • Jasmeet

    June 1, 2021 at 10:03 AM

    In today’s modern era and competitive world when everybody is in the rat race to perform well, it has become very necessary as a parent to encourage our children to be competitive. Competition is very important in life be it school exams or any individual sport. In my opinion, co-operation should be taught but it should not be at the cost of competition.

    Competition at an early age provokes young ones to do more efforts which in result improves their skills and ability. If this would not be taught at the growing age, children would find it difficult when it comes to school competitions. These will help the young ones to inculcate the habit of winning and doing more hard work. They would soon realize the fact that it would not be possible to survive in the world. This will force the children to find alternative ways only to win in any competition which can be negative too. Therefore, good parenting is very necessary from the beginning.

    Co-operation, on the other hand encourages children to work together as a team. This kind of environment gives a feeling of relaxation among children and as a result they may not give their best result as there is no pressure to do better than the other. The children should be taught the value of cooperation along with the competitive skills as there are many such examples wherein one has to perform in team as a whole in sports like football or hockey.

    In conclusion, success would come with the competitive skills encouraged from the early age as it will help them become strong and hard worker but not leaving behind the moral values so that they excel in their life and become more independent.

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