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  • Lakshmi Prasanna

    June 1, 2021 at 10:14 AM

    In my opinion, Competition in children is sensitive matter instead of competition children must be taught to be cooperative among themselves.

    Firstly, they can share their knowledge among themselves if they are cooperative with each other. Moreover, if the children mind set is coordinated with their friends, there will be no place to be narcissistic. For example, if two friends are feeling competitive to each other, if one person scored more marks than the other then the second person may feel shame in front of first person any it may leads some distance between them. But if both friends are allied to each other, second person may help to first person to score well.

    On the other hand, competition is good only when it is with ourselves. While when it is with others it increases stress and pressure on children to be superior to others. For instance, if the children decides to prove that he is better student than the next student, then he will be focused on only marks and he may score that by copying or through some other way, but children cannot gain knowledge on that way. Children must know that there is a process to reach the success, and we can learn lot of things in that process and that is more important than success. However, psychologist also researched on this term and concludes that many children is suffocating due to this process called competition.

    In conclusion, Feeling of Cooperative without any pressure is the best to be taught to children instead of being competitive with others. Competition just makes us to focus to reach the destination, children doesn’t think they are going in correct route or wrong route to reach the destination in competitive world.

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