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  • pooja

    June 1, 2021 at 10:25 AM

    In this modern era, competition and being cooperative both are very crucial point for young children. whereas, some people feels that competition should be encouraged while others says they should know how to be cooperative. well in my opinion both the points are profound in their nature.

    On the one side, competition among children at young age play very important role as they have healthy competition with each other which increases their skills in many aspect. As per the study of Copenhagen university in sociology of children , they have examined children for their effectiveness in their work, for this they selected two group and assigned same work to both the group but they made one difference is that to one group they just highlight that winning student will get laptop. The consequences is that the group to whom they just assigned work normally they performed unto 50% whereas other group children worked unto 80-90% , remarkable difference hence healthy competition should be there in children so as to become excel in their field.

    However on the other hand, some time it can be seen that when children reaches to top level by competing their fellow member, they become quite arrogant and this affect their life in long run. In addition to that this behavior not only affects life but also working of big corporate as a results many MNC kept this as separate section of their interview just to check students arrogance.

    To summarize this, I would say children should be first taught to become cooperative then they encouraged for competition henceforth this is the only key to get success-ed with good human nature.

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