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  • Homi

    June 1, 2021 at 9:57 PM

    The success of the companies depends upon their employees as they are the front line workers who can take the company’s success graph upwards or downwards.

    Should the companies hire employees who can spend their entire life is a debatable topic in itself.

    Nowadays companies are focusing on becoming a great place to work hence they are making sure there internal customers ( employees ) are getting that feeling. There are specific teams within the organizations whose target is to resolve any issue which is bothering employees or becoming a barrier in delivering their best.

    Finding the right candidate who meets all the requirements is a cost saving factor in comparison to those who serve for short tenure. Once the employee is onboard, time, resource, money is invested hence loosing an employee means starting all over again. When an employee leaves, companies not only loose manpower, they also loose productive hours, skill set & may be clients as most of the time such employees join their competitors.

    Hiring people for lifetime has its Pros & Cons. A lifetime job guarantees the job security, a stable income, employee satisfaction & loyalty. Such employee will be able to deliver 100 % and can be top drivers towards organizational growth.

    On the other hand, this may become a concern and may want the companies to think over again & again on their decision. It is quite possible that some employees may lose interest in their job as they find it monotonous. Or the employee is not productive or result oriented as per the companies expectation. At times, there are projects which are time bound and may require specific skill set hence in this scenario, full time man power is not required.

    In my opinion, with the approach of hiring an employee for lifetime, only the suitable candidate who checks all the boxes should be selected as this will result in the investment which will definitely give higher returns to organization. There are many people in my organization who are working for more than 20-25 years and they haven’t thought ever to change their jobs as they are satisfied and contended.

    To conclude – Companies should discuss the road map while recruiting people and may address the concern if any. Offer has to be lucrative, leaving no chance for employee to decline. Above all, the employee retention policy should be there and should be revisited time to time or updated as per the industry trends.

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