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  • Icintha

    June 1, 2021 at 11:31 PM

    Our Environment today is facing a lot of problems due to human interference. Its seen that it losing its beauty by ways of depletion in many aspects. One such problem which is proving a great threat to our environment is Overpopulation. I strongly agree with this as this issue cannot be overlooked by any chance.

    Humans have grown in numbers over the recent years which can be clearly seen from the demographics published in periodicals. Firstly,the main reasons for this is the growing strength in biotechnological and pharmaceuticals developments. In other words, people are now able to save more lives thereby decreasing the fatality rates. Due to this there is more encroachments on lands in need of habitations and livelihood. For example, the cities have undoubtedly endangered the soil and vegetation by occupying more and more land.

    Furthermore, this is also extending to the rural areas, as opportunities are increasing in IT and infrastructural facilities. This is adding up to the number of vehicles, cutting down of trees and and building structures contributing to loss of flora and fauna, excessive use of fossil fuels endangering species and further adding to the number of pollutants in the environment..

    Therefore, its obvious that our environment is at stake due to the ever increasing population as its wants and needs are undying. So, we should take utmost care and minimize our needs and positively contribute to the well being of our society and go long way in nurturing our mother earth.

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