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  • Shoaib

    June 1, 2021 at 11:33 PM

    The concept of overpopulation is that when the growth in countries population are extraordinary and beyond the forecast in the specific time period. I strongly believe that overpopulation is a serious environmental issue especially in emerging countries where resources to facilitate the population are limited. My observations related to my statement are mentioned below

    It has been observed that overpopulation increase inflation in different countries and ultimately creates an impact on the global economy. Generally, we have seen developing countries are suffering more due to inflation where population growth rate is very high and countries economy is facing a lot of problems. As we have seen that Per capita income in these countries is very low as compared to developed countries. The people have less resources of income and jobs in the market. Ultimately it creates hypertension among the people and increases poverty. Giving an example of countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, where so many people are living under the line of poverty and so many, left their countries for better resources of job and earning opportunities

    Also, we have seen that overpopulation creates pollution that causes so many health issues and spreads a lot of diseases. Giving an example of many Asian countries where municipality system is not performing very well, which result in poor waste management and lack of the availability of clean water to drink.

    In conclusion, overpopulation is a global issue and there should be strong initiatives and strategic plans to control the population of countries. Governments should create awareness among the people that how to control the population, especially among those people who have less resources of earning. However, Governments also should support poor people who are suffering in poverty

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