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  • Robin

    June 1, 2021 at 11:37 PM

    Overpopulation is a serious environmental problem impacting the whole world. Even though overpopulation is a serious issue which demands immediate attention, industrial pollution and indiscriminate fossil fuel usage makes more serious damage to environment.

    When the population increases the needs for resources also increases and these resources are consumed from the environment. For example growing population needs more living space, food, drinking water and building materials which can cause a strain on environment. Furthermore overpopulation also results in more wastage and more pollution which degrades the environment. Yet the current picture of our world depicts a different story: the rapidly expanding populations of Africa and Asia do not cause much environmental damage as the industrialized economies like USA and China does. In the advanced economies, the per-capitia consumption of fossil fuels and release of industrial pollutants are also on a higher scale. Thus industrialization and indiscriminate usage of fossil fuels pose a more serious threat to environment.

    The governments across the world doesn’t seem to bother much about the seriousness of this issue other than paying lip service. Instead of pragmatic actions some governments resort to radical and shortsighted actions like what China did through “One Child Policy”. Overpopulation should be dealt with spreading awareness among the citizen and educating the masses about its aftereffects. The governments should also turn their immediate attention towards greater ecological threats like industrial pollution, deforestation etc.

    In brief, the overpopulation issue along with industrial pollution, deforestation and usage of fossil fuels has to be dealt with quickly without which saving our environment may become a mere delusion.

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