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  • Vamsi Krishna

    June 1, 2021 at 11:37 PM

    The increasing population is the most serious problem now. even though the governments are conducting so many camps to educate the people stills it’s a challenging part. I strongly agree the overpopulation is a serious problem.

    Due to overpopulation, the first and serious problem is deforestation, which causes global warming. Earlier the human boundaries were limited, but now humans are extending their living boundaries to some extent for that they are removing forest. It’s not only limited to living homes.

    Secondly, Increasing the production of instant food the factory wastage is polluting lands and revers. because of that freshwater is not available to all and soil strength is decreasing gradually.

    Overpopulation and environmental damages are directly proportional. if we control the population we’ll give a better environment to the next generation. Govt. has to take this problem seriously and take some precautions.

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