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  • Abhi

    June 2, 2021 at 7:58 PM

    The diagrams show a structure that is used to generate electricity from wave power.

    In the event of a high tide, the excess air pressure enters the turbine. These turbines are affixed to a column. These waves are made to go inside the chamber and from there, massive columns of air rotate the turbine that produces electricity. The cliff or sea wall could also be denoted as helpful since they act as barricades and help the water to get inside the chamber.

    However, the situation changes drastically in the case of a low tide. When the wave goes away after hitting the cliff or sea wall, the same amount of air pressure creates a suction inside the chamber that causes the turbine to rotate in the same direction, which helps to generate electricity.

    This continuous process of waves striking the cliff and retreating contributes to the maintenance of air suction pressure, which rotates the turbine to generate electricity.

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