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  • Rahila

    June 2, 2021 at 8:43 PM

    ” Science, Maths or Physics are nobel professions but art is what makes us human.” This is a quote from a critically acclaimed movie called the dead poet’s society. These days there is a belief among some people that it is not effective utilisation of money, by the government, if it is being spent on arts. This essay will explain the different perspectives that people have and emphasize on why i think though art is not as important as some other issues it cannot be entirely neglected.

    There are a few reasons why people don’t like their tax money to be spent in trivialities like art. The most important reason is poverty, mostly in the underdeveloped and developed countries where it is rampant. A significant portion of the population in such countries is starving. This needs to be addressed first. When basic necessities are being compromised, there is absolutely no scope to spend on arts which, mostly, are recreational. For example, a statistic made by interviewing 1000 people from Delhi, the capital of India, had shown that people were dissatisfied with their money being used for development projects for museums.

    The other aspect is that art cannot be completely forfeited as it is the very essence of what makes us humans. Art has become a creative and emotional outlet for many people. People’s mental health is impacted really positively when they make paintings ir sculpture or when they are involved in any other form of art. For instance, a study done by Harvard University in the year 2011 had shown that there was a significant drop in violent tendencies among detainees in a juvenile centre when they were made to paint everyday in contrast to the year 2009 where no such method was implemented.

    To conclude, though there are problems like poverty which are far more bigger, art cannot be entirely removed from the considerations and budgets of the government as it also has played an important role in improving the quality of human lives. Therefore, i believe, there should be a reasonable share in the government’s budget for art, considering the economic and financial situation of the country.

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