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  • Ankit

    June 2, 2021 at 10:44 PM

    Overpopulation is definitely a serious concern for the environment . Although increasing population has negative impact on the environment , on the same hand the unsustainable way of living life by humans now days is also causing huge damages to the environment.

    Due to overpopulation , we are rapidly exhausting our natural resources and depleting the fossil fuels . Which is resulting in climate change and global warming . An increase in population requires additional towns and cities to be built up that is the major cause of deforestation. Meeting demands for huge population big factories and adding every day generating industrial waste that is being dump in huge landfills and oceans causing serious threat to environment and aquatic life as well . Rise is carbon emissions is no hidden fact from us effecting the overall ecological balance of the planet. Disasters like Coronavirus pandemic is all around the world that is another result of increasing population density in the cities . And we may experience such more pandemics in future

    Effects of overpopulation can be minimized or bring down to limits if we take some necessary actions . These actions can start from public awareness and education about the threats of increasing population so that family planning would be consider by masses. Next we can make small changes in our lifestyle like using public transport more often due reduce traffic and pollution both.

    Inconclusion , Overpopulation is significantly worsening the environment . Corrective measures can be taken to limit its effect and tackle the issue in a sustainable way possible.

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