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  • Rajat

    June 3, 2021 at 10:21 AM

    I believe that the arts have a prominent role in representing any country’s cultures and history. Although, expending money on it depends on government, living in democratic country we people have the right to speak our mind on the topic. Every coin has two sides and everything comes with two aspects.

    In this scenario, unlike most of the people, I stand with government decision in believing that it is significant to present our prideful history to the world. Let the world slide aside for once, even our own countrymen don’t know about the rich Indian history and how different empires tumbled in different centuries, how Portuguese and then British uprising began and how it was ended by brave fighters or how the corporate India shaped itself post independence to become what it is today. Expenditure on the arts will only help the people to know what India actually is and how it has come to this point through different periods and phases.

    There’s a saying that money attracts money, this quote works here as well because spending on the arts like monuments, painting and monuments for different artifacts will attract viewers from around the world. Country’s tourism will get the boost it needs to generate further money. Recently, statue of unity attracted criticism and bashing on every social media platform but people didn’t understand how beautiful the monument must be if it is attracting coverage from entire world. Yes, over half a million dollars were spent but doesn’t every income needs investment, the monument will pay for itself in long run.

    So, expenditure on the arts, instead of generating heat and criticism, should gather love and praise. People need to appreciate our country’s fine history and culture and indulge in it more often. Every museum or monument attracts tourism and attention from world, so, why shouldn’t the government spend on a thing which brings media attention monetary benefits from around the globe. We just need to change the way we think and look towards the bigger picture.

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