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  • Prabh

    June 3, 2021 at 10:30 AM

    In the world many of the countries government is facing problems like rising unemployment and growing threats of crime. Poverty is still a major problem in many of the countries, out of I will discuss about my country India. In such a scenario, the government should avoid wasting money on the arts which make sense. However, in my opinion, arts also exist in the society but I do not think that the government should waste a lot of money on it.

    Although we can not ignore, arts are not a waste of time and money. In fact, they are also part of generating the money to the country. For instance, if I discuss about India’s most famous art places such as heritage, museums and many other dancing and musing concerts where people come from around the world and really enjoy them. India government always target traditional arts form to promote tourism in the country. India’s traditional concert like classical dance, Punjabi bhangra & gidda and many other traditional singing concert where audience are invited to enjoy the moment from all over the world and attract thousands of international tourist to the nation which play a major role to crates jobs and helps the local economy.

    Moreover, heritage and sculptures also have big commercial value. Thousands of people visit to these places and know about the history in depth. Apart there are several reasons why the government should spend money on arts. One of the predominant reasons is that art reflects the culture of a country and promotes people’s understanding of their culture and architecture.

    To conclude, I believe that the government should divide the funds equally to all sectors including arts because every sector has its own contribution towards the development of a country.

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