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  • Ankit

    June 3, 2021 at 10:33 AM

    Prime factors of economy includes crucial monetary decisions and the governments handle it in well manner, such factors are dependent on country’s developing model and the vision of their leaders. The overall development of a state includes all key points such as daily needs, cultural aspects, arts and luxury as well and to maintain and it the governments spend lots of money.

    The fact is the Arts is the most undervalued pillar where governments are spending minimal part of budget but the beauty is it still exists in society due to the affection of people. In my opinion it is most important part of society which keeps people intact irrespective of their religion, colour or caste. Every religion or community have their own set of art in form of sculptures, dance forms, heritage buildings etc.. which should be preserved and kept on passing to next generations. There is no doubt government is spending good amount of money to promote arts and opening new schools every year even in remote areas and the other regulatory bodies are working continuously to preserve our heritage buildings and sculptures which were crafted ages ago. This fact is proved by authorities that people are more promoting their arts and educating among themselves about ts preservation and importance in different aspects of life.

    Now , the question arises is it really required to spend money on arts when people are dying of not getting their daily needs specially in developing countries. For instance, the country like India which has huge population, hundred’s of languages, multiple dance forms, cultural activities where every community has its own demand of money to promote their arts, however people are struggling to earn their basic needs in same society. The set of people in society thinks and emphasize on cut down the budget of arts and cultural department and fulfill daily requirements of a human beings.

    This have been seen in communities where people are struggling to get water or food but still they do not want to leave their communal aspects such as their clothes, ornaments, dance forms, arts and crafts. Mostly in African countries, tribes are following such practices and still they are surviving which clearly shows the importance of arts in daily life.

    Taking everything into consideration, I believe the monetary policies of governments must include a big amount for arts in their yearly budget which helps to develop communities interest in each other and also promotes the status of nation on world map.

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