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  • Rajat

    June 3, 2021 at 10:45 AM

    The diagrams here depict the structure via which electricity is generated from wave power.

    The structure seems to be built on the bank of a sea. A chamber in installed over a part of sea which starts the process, with high tidal waves towards the machine, water pushes the air and chamber retains that air within the structure to push it further towards sea wall. The air enters the the machine and aids the turbine to rotate clockwise at high speed to generate electricity.

    However, when air flows in opposite direction than last scenario, the column attracts and passes the air through turbine to help it to rotate in same clockwise direction to generate electricity again only for air to push the water away from chamber this time.

    In both the cases, the efficient structure generates clean, environmental friendly electricity with renewable resource i.e. air, which can flow in any direction.

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