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  • Lakshmi Prasanna

    June 3, 2021 at 10:55 AM

    The given diagrams explains that how the electricity can provide in two different ways by utilizing the power created by waves.

    In First diagram, the first step is the wave enters into the chamber when there is a high tide, it releases some air pressure then the pressure which is formed by waves enters into the turbine which is fixed between columns next to the sea wall. When turbine sense air pressure, it starts rotating in clockwise direction at high speed and produces the electricity.

    On the other hand, other diagram shows that the wave leaves from chamber with some air pressure, the pressure which was formed due to the downward wave it also enters into the turbine and rotates in clock wise direction at high speed to change the generated energy into electricity.

    This continuous process of waves can generate the electricity by changing the mechanical energy to electrical energy using these natural resources like air, waves, energy etc.,

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