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  • Peda Subrahmanyam

    June 3, 2021 at 10:55 AM

    There are lot of other sectors that government can invest money that could lead to accelerate the nation’s growth. I strongly believe that it is better to invest money in scientific and research activities rather wasting money by investing on the arts. I shall explain the supportive points to my opinion in the subsequent paragraphs.

    Now-a-days everything is linked to Science and Technology. The growth of a nation depends on the scientific inventions. If there are certain funds allocated to pharma industry, there would be more inventions in that industry and there would be readymade medicines for unexpected pandemics. To exemplify, now we are in COVID pandemic and all the countries are experiencing the consequences. There is no way to control the spread of this virus. the only alternative is to boost our immunity to fight against the virus. Moreover, every sector in the world is using computers and various software’s to perform their activities. To illustrate, USA has a very good market for IT Industry and most of their wealth depends on IT and Finance sectors. Investment in aeronautical engineering may raise in developing more crafts that would be very beneficial to the air warriors of the nation.

    On the other hand, the Arts sector is just helpful to improve the personal skills and not equipped with much more opportunities to work. I am not stating that investment in that sector is useless but stressing that investing in other sectors would be greatly helpful.

    To conclude that, in my opinion, where there is more investment in Science and Information Technology, there would be more growth in all the aspects of a nation.

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