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  • Faizal

    June 3, 2021 at 11:29 AM

    Art is something related to extraordinary things. Art makes huge impact on our society. Particular group of society says that government should not spent money on the arts. Instead of that, money can be used to something useful. I am partially agree with that decision.

    Arts like cinema and music are the important part of our culture. The entertainment industry is profitable nowadays. Many people get great pleasure in going to see movies in theater and listening to live concerts. So it is important that the government should encourage such institution so that they can continue their work for the betterment of people.

    India is underdeveloped country. There are lots of poor people who lakes basic necessity like food, cloths, and home. Our medical facilities are not up to the mark. So, some people believes that we should not spent our tax money on making sculptures which costs thousands of crores. For example “The statue of unity” which is made recently in the memory of our national leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, which costs around 3000 crore rupees. As per our nation’s financial problems, we should have spent those money for the improvement of our society, like creating new jobs for unemployed people, make new hospitals, schools, colleges etc.

    Overall, our priority should be spent money on our basic requirements. After fulfilling these needs, we should spent some part of our budget on arts.

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