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  • E Anjali

    June 4, 2021 at 11:04 PM

    I strongly agree that outdoor activities are more beneficial for children’s development than playing computer games. Upbringing of a vibrant generation requires children to be actively participating in all activities instead of spending hours with gadgets.

    With the growing pace in technology since the advent of computers our lifestyle demands certain changes among which the internet and upgrading gadgets plays an inevitable role. This growing technology has impact in affecting hobbies and cause behavioral changes in children. Computer games undoubtedly is on of the reasons for children’s abysmal performance in school. Gadget addiction in children is one of the serious issues ignored by most parents. Children are often condoned by their parents and become complacent towards their health.

    In most cases children often never experience the conducive environment provided by outdoor activities essential for not only joy but also for maintaining good health. Moreover, ferocity of modern games can negatively impact the moral development of a child. For instance, children nowadays are ignorant to their basic responsibilities such as maintaining cleanliness of their room or even their home. To put it more simply children are growing lazy sitting idle in front of computer games.

    Parents must be made aware that children are more susceptible to gadget addiction. Schools can take initiatives in creating awareness of hazards of computer game addiction. Above all in most cases it’s never too late to save children from gadget addiction since their minds are malleable for new hobbies to be cultivated.

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