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  • Shoaib

    June 4, 2021 at 11:07 PM

    Firstly, I would like to define that outdoor activities are including different types of physical games like cricket, football, badminton, hockey, etc., and as we know that current period is known as IT revolutionary and they are so many developments in apps and computer gaming. As concern the topic, I am strongly agreed that physical games are more beneficial as compared to computer gaming. I am enlightened about the conducive benefits of outdoor activities and the disadvantages of computer gaming in the below paragraph.

    As we know that outdoor activities playing a very crucial role in the development of our children. It keeps our children healthy and they saved from so many diseases including heartbeat problems, issues related to back muscle pains, diabetes, eyesight, etc. when children play outdoor games its makes them strong and healthy. Our children make physical interactions with other similar age fellows and make new friends. Through this association, they learned that how to behave, react and adopt norms & values of society. Apart from, if children are playing different games, then its help them to do the exercise of all their bodies parts and their muscles become very strong and active. If children are playing outdoor games daily then they feel more healthy, vulnerable, and fresh as compared to others. It has been observed that these children are more intelligent and execute physical task swiftly as compared to other children those are spending most of the time at computer games.

    Nowadays, we are mostly dependent on advanced technology. Our children are spending most of their time playing computer games. It’s really affecting their mental health as well creating a lot of health issues at a very younger age. There are two main diseases found in our children including lower back pains and depression. However, it also affects their education and learning activities because most of the time they are spending at computer games.

    In conclusion, it has been observed that outdoor games are very beneficial for our children to develop as a concern to health issues and adopt the norms and values of the society for their future life. We agreed that advancement in technology brings a lot of innovation and learning activities for our children but excessive used of these brings a lot of issues related to mental health and as well physical health.

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