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  • Rashmi

    June 5, 2021 at 3:06 AM

    Modern day societies in themselves are extended schools, where kids are expected to excel in every aspect of life. There has been an on-going debate, with some supporting instilling of competitive spirit in the kids whilst others supporting inculcation of co-operativeness. In my opinion, both of these are equally crucial and combinedly essential for all-round development of children.

    On the one hand, the advocates of competitiveness claim, that infusing this spirit in kids, inspires excellence and leads to generation of new ideas. In addition they go ahead and claim this to be a catalyst for important inventions, as kids who are driven by competition grow up to create un-seen and un-heard projects . For instance, in a recent article published, in “Business Today”, magazine, the competitive spirit inculcated in the mind of the young entrepreneur Mr. Anubhav, from his very childhood, has been identified as a pivotal reason for the successful establishment and running of OYO Hotels across the world.

    On the other hand, the feeling of competition is blamed by the rival opinions, as being the root-cause of anxiety and stress apart from being the culprit for the corporate rivalries that have become the order of the day. These people contend that by inculcating habit of co-operation, much can be achieved as it induces team spirit and a feeling of togetherness which in-turn adds to overall productivity. Furthermore there is an increased sharing of perspectives which enhances the skills and knowledge of all the members which benefits the society at large. For instance they often quote the story of the birds, caught in a net, who by sheer co-operation were able to fly and save themselves, which they could not have by competition.

    It will therefore be apt to conclude that competition and co-operation are both virtues and not vices, each having its distinct contribution and significance, which have to be blended together in right proportions and inculcated in the growing generation, by their parents and guardians to ensure a healthy and prosperous future.

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