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  • rahul

    June 5, 2021 at 11:15 AM

    There are several ways to reduce crime in the country one way is to make stringent laws like longer imprisonment or heavy penalty and the other way is to focus on mental improvement of the criminal with the help of counselling or sessions. Both these methods have been examined and it is seen that each way has its own benefit on the development of the lawbreaker.

    To commence with the need of more stringent laws in a society is it will help in reducing the criminal rate at a much faster rate in comparison to other methods because there is a fear in the criminal about a longer imprisonment if they are being caught. This is also evidenced by seeing the criminal rate of Dubai where strict laws have played a bigger role in reducing the criminal rate to almost zero which is a very proud moment for any country and set as an example for other countries of the world.

    Moving to another method of reducing criminal rate is to work on the mentality of the lawbreaker with the help of doctors by proper counselling and motivate them to work for their livelihood instead of theft or indulge in any other illegal activities. Our government can also play a major role in this improvement by creating multiple job opportunities for the people of their country so that it can stop the criminal from doing any unlawful things for the money.

    Overall, both the methods have its own advantages but to choose which one is dependent on seriousness of the unlawful act. As if it is a big crime like murder than in that case there should be stringent laws which must be follow but for small crime like robbery there is a possibility to work on the development of the criminal. In my opinion by considering all the things both these methods are crucial for reducing criminal rate.

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