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  • rahul

    June 5, 2021 at 12:15 PM

    There are many environmental problems in the world like pollution, deforestation and/or global warming but overpopulation is one of the major issues which cannot be ignored at all otherwise it will result in huge consequences in future.

    Even today overpopulation has negative consequences on the economy like unemployment as there is huge competition in the industry, depletion of natural resources and limited infrastructure. Because all these resources are available in limited range, and it is very difficult to fulfill the need of huge crowd. To understand this, we can see the demand and supply chart of our economy where supply of product is in restricted quantity, but the demand of the product is very high due to huge population which result in increasing the price of product which a lower-class person cannot afford. This factor will cause the increase in poverty and inflation rate in an economy.

    Now a days Government is very active to take precautionary steps to deal with this problem like One Child Policy has been implemented in the societies to control the population. Earlier this policy has been implemented in European Countries only but now this type of policy also started implemented in Asian countries. Admittedly local authorities have started giving incentives to families if they have only child at a home as it will encourage them to have single child. These types of steps taken by the establishment will help the countries to deal with the problem in a most efficient manner.

    To summarize, I must say that over population is the biggest root cause of environment problem and it is on our hand to eliminate this problem.

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