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  • Rini

    June 6, 2021 at 9:53 AM

    Certain people assume that monetary funds being pumped into the field of arts by the government is unnecessary while some advocate that it should be utilised for other purposes but I agree to the fact that art like all other fields holds great value in a nation’s pride and money should be spend to conserve it.

    It is important to allocate funds to protect a nation’s history and culture.While countries are known for it’s scenic beauty, it is also recognised for it’s rich historical heritage and this needs to be preserved for transpiring it through generations to come.Retaining and conserving our culture, art and history will develop a sense of national responsibility in our future generations.Art also lures travellers from different parts of the world to admire it’s mesmerising beauty which eventually contributes to the increase in tourism of that country improving the wealth status of the government.

    Taj Mahal is a perfect example that depicts how art and culture elevates tourism where every year lakhs of people across the globe travel to see the marvellous monument.Just as the sight is a wonder, the history behind it , the emotions attached are all reasons why there are thriving travellers year after year.It is also observed that history is a prime subject taught globally in schools and colleges and the government puts in great efforts in the preservation of the country’s history to enhance the learnability of it’s students.

    <font face=”inherit”>To conclude with, art, history and it’s culture forms the backbone of a country’s heritage and the </font>government<font face=”inherit”> should disburse an allocated amount of fund for it’s preservation and protection.</font>

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