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  • Tvisha

    June 7, 2021 at 7:56 PM

    Many research reports suggest that the number of criminals present in our country are increasing rapidly . There are a variety of schemes that the government could implement in order to see impactful changes in the demeanour of the offenders .

    In some cases people think that giving longer prison sentences would be the best way to reduce crime however the others suggest incorporating better and healthier alternatives. According to me , <font face=”inherit”>giving longer prison sentences could help the prisoner as it will give them the opportunity to enforce discipline and </font>mindfulness<font face=”inherit”> in their life . It will also help them gain a new perspective on the</font><font face=”inherit”> viability.</font>

    long sentences would expose them to other offenders over a longer period of time which might resist the improvement of their conduct . A doubled edged sword cuts both ways ! hence ,exploring better options could possibly bring some change . They could enrol the prisoners in any sort of physical activity such as mowing the lawn, building a garden , etc . This would help them regulate their emotions while developing new skills for their future . Finding a new path would give them the motivation to work hard effectively in an ethical manner.

    In conclusion , both the methods are not completely fruitful; however the focal point is to rehabilitate these people . In my view , long prison sentences should be given in extreme cases such as murder and new measures should be developed by the government to help reduce crime !

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