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  • Rahila

    June 7, 2021 at 8:07 PM

    Crimes of all sorts are on the rise. In addition to the older modus operandi of committing crimes there is also a significant surge in cyber crime these days. There is a belief among some people that the best way to lower crime rates is to keep the offenders in prison for longer periods of time while others are of the opinion that there are other more effective ways to reprimand criminals. This essay will shed light on both these aspects and talk about why i believe longer prison sentences cannot be completely disregarded.

    Why do some people think that keeping an offender locked up foe longer durations would keep him/her from going astray again? One reason could be that when people are given rigorous and longer time sentences in prison this affects their psychology in a way that prevents them from indulging in or committing a crime again. For example, according to the CBI in New Orleans, there had been a significant drop in armed robberies when the punishment for it had been increased from 5 years to 10 years. This justifies the reasoning among people who believe that this method is beneficial.

    In contrast, there are also some people in society who think that instead of longer durations of jailing people, some other method should be adopted. A very important factor for this sort of thinking could be the fact that governments are corrupt everywhere. Because of this, people who are rich or have better connections with higher authorities would come out of prison very early and as free men/women unscathed in their tendencies to commit crimes. This also becomes unfair to the poor or less influential. For instance, it had always been better to get the inmates to do social services throughout their term instead of just being locked up inside a cell. Therefore, the thought process of such people is also valid.

    In conclusion, crime is a never-ending truth of humanity and there are different philosophies to curb this menace among people. Some are inclined towards a longer sentence policy whereas others think this as redundant and want better methods to be instituted. Personally, I think that though longer sentences are morally incorrect , they cannot be completely abolished as right now it is the best method to fight the ever rising problem of crime and criminals.

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