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  • Shyam

    June 7, 2021 at 9:37 PM

    In many countries crime ration are increasing day by day rather than going down. All countries want to be crime free and adopting different -different way to control and to be crime free. Many of them have strict punishment all depends on crime – like putting prisoner in bar for long duration it could be till last breath or for few years or in some crime hang till death.

    In my opinion crime is crime whatever it is, to control all countries should categorized crimes. If it related to women, child harassments and few others like murder. All these type of crime should be in life time behind the bar or hang them for example as we know gulp countries have strict punishment for crime so crime ration is very low there. People are thinking twice or many times before committing such activity.

    As now we are in technical world crime also changed, same way we can also control it and currently many countries are using it. Like increasing patrolling of security personal, installing CCTV cameras. One of best option could be we should tell our young generation and kids about crime and what should do or not. We can do it in another way by counselling them.

    We are noticing some youngster want to rich in short while and they are commiting crime. For them government should organize some counselling and seminar.

    I am sharing one incident one of my friend lost his mobile when he was going to his office in evening shift, some one found that and misused like made many calls to threat and asked for money and same time my friend made a police complain. It became very difficult find out that person. And finally with the help of technology police trace the device location and catch him and put behind the bar.

    As we have top-notch technology and it can play a vital role to control crime. Even small social activity, theater show, some moral education and our old age people can help us to make better society mainly crime free.

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