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  • Gnanaprakash

    June 7, 2021 at 9:52 PM

    Crime is a sin committed by people to urge their inner desires, sometimes to stop the burning urge in order to bring them solace. However it is until it is committed, most of the people are not aware of its repercussions. Criminals are put behind the bars to contain their ongoing rage and make them pay for their crimes. This is still a perpetual debate as to how much of an impact it is on them.

    After sentencing, the guilty is taken to prison to serve their sentence. It is not so surprising fact that there are more prisons in USA in comparison with the number of Universities . Now, has the crime rate decreased ? Well, The mass shootings in schools and churches, racial abuse and homophobia wouldn’t agree. This will answer the question “Is longer prison sentences the solution for putting crime under control?” This will only make their pain worse or make their life worthless after wasting their peak of age counting in prison. Not to mention Once they are out, time is a luxury they cannot afford anymore.

    In retrospect, as longer sentences are not reaching the expectations of reducing crime rates, it is time to explore few alternatives put them under control. Now, Starting with the roots, Education. Educating students constantly to better handle their emotions and make them aware of their legal rights. Not only restricting to students, but also including the adults in this process, though using different methods like starting an awareness program, including immediate help and reminding to be kind to one another. As most of the ugly crimes are committed due to emotional trauma, everyone must be encouraged to visit the psychiatrist to deal with them and curb their emotions when necessary.

    In conclusion, the rules and systems needs to evolve as to keep up with the ongoing tragedies and devise a proper plan to overcome them. As the traditional methods are not coming to the rescue, change is necessary.

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