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  • Navraj

    June 7, 2021 at 10:05 PM

    Crime is a serious problem around the globe and mostly all countries are trying their best to lower the crime rate. A section of the society believes that offenders should be penalized with longer prison duration, while others and I opine that their are other beneficial ways like educating the people and providing them resources to earn their livelihood. This essay will discuss both view points.

    To begin with, there are number of believers that the criminals should be put behind the bars for longer period of time so that person who had committed the crime and others should learn that these heinous acts will make them suffer in a dreadful way that discourages them from doing so. For Instance, in UAE, the punishment of theft and murder is so severe that a lawbreaker is sentenced to lifetime imprisonment resulting in making people think twice before committing serious crime. Hence, imposing strict punishment cease people from committing crimes.

    However, I agree with the set of people who believes that alternative ways of facilitating people with education and employment will help to curb this issue far more effectively. Sufficient education to all and job opportunities will make the people busy in their life in such a way that they will stay away from ill thoughts. Moreover, citizens will have some goals in life which will cut them off to enact crimes. For example, my friend who was unemployed few years ago had started snatching chains and other valuable items from people. But thereafter he started working in Government Institute and now he is a responsible citizen of society only due to his job.

    In conclusion, longer prison terms certainly creates fear in the minds of potential criminals and discourage them from committing crime. However, eradicating the root cause of crime by providing education and employment opportunities is a better option.

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