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  • Jasmeet

    June 8, 2021 at 10:37 AM

    Committing crime has become a serious problem for the country along with other major issues like poverty, unemployment etc. Giving longer period of prison sentence is favoured by some people while some of them believes that the criminals can be given better alternatives as a punishment. This essay will elaborate both the ways of reducing crime whereas I believe in giving them long stay in prisons.

    There are very serious crimes people are committing like robbery, rape, chain snatching, drug supply etc. These people should be given very strict punishment so that they do not think of doing it again. Unemployment can be the reason folks are doing the crime whereas in some cases there are few devils who are earning well but still engage in criminal activities like rape, so proving them education or some other facility becomes irrelevant here. If the government already preset the punishment of the crimes and adhere to them strictly the person will not do that thinking about the consequences. For example: there is life time imprisonment if the person is indulged in any drug related crime in UAE.

    On the other side, providing employment opportunities, educating people can be helpful in the reduction of crimes in few scenarios. The country will be developed if number of people will be well educated and they would have enough earnings to fulfill their basic needs.

    In conclusion I would say that the fear of punishment in the respective minds can discourage and reduce the rate of transgression. This is far better option than educating and providing enough employment platforms to make people busy in their livelihood.

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