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  • rahul

    June 8, 2021 at 10:42 AM

    There are numerous thought whether children’s should play outside of their home or inside house playing desktop games for their entertainment. As per my opinion offspring should come out of their house, interact with their friends, and started play games for their development.

    Firstly, if the student play outdoor games than there are higher chances that their confidence level will be built up by interacting with the multiple people and in Conducive environment, they will be physically strong. A recent study in Europe has predict that the teenagers who spent time on outdoor activities are physically as well as mentally stronger from the other children who spend most of the time on computers. Even sitting for longer duration on the laptop will result in the weakness of their eyesight and sometime depression as the student cannot be able to share their feelings and thought with the other person.

    Secondly, now a days in 21st century we mostly dependent on the technology for our work due to which people Susceptible to various diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure at the early stage which cannot be stopped but there are chances that we should encourage our children’s to spent time in Parks and stop playing on the Mobile as their mind are Malleable but not for so long.

    To summaries, I must say students should start taking participation in the outdoor activities like playing cricket, football or race which is not good for them only but for the country also. As if the student has interest in particular field than he can make his career in that game and won medal for their country.

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