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  • Faizal

    June 8, 2021 at 12:56 PM

    Around the world today, crime rate is increasing day by day, even though we have developed advanced technologies for reducing crime rates. It would not be a bad idea to say that crimes are increasing due to technology. Where, some individuals believe that extending lock-up period is the finest possible solution to reduce crime. Although, some human being think that there are other paths to decrease crime.

    On the one hand, providing the sentence for the longer number of years is the probable best way for criminal, so that he/she will has some time to think about what he/she had done wrong in his/her life. It is possible that he/she will change his/her life approach, after spending years in one closed place. Personally, i have seen lots of people becoming good civilian after their sentence. But, there can be more than one solution of any problem.

    Due to lack of primary education, people cannot keep up with the current world and so, they start to make crimes to fulfill their basic needs and desires. Better education can bring the person from the wrong track to the right one through guiding them. So, education can play huge role in reducing crimes.

    Why should we have to sentence criminals, while we can send them to the rehabilitation center? Consultants can help them to guide to make their life goals clear. Also, we can improve our security systems to stop the crime before it occurs. After putting CCTV cameras at possible theft places, it will be easy to solve some cases.

    In conclusion, i would support the second approach because it is better to mend someone with impact of words than torturing. Government should make some changes in laws to apply this approach, so that it would be fair to us and the criminals.

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