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  • rahul

    June 8, 2021 at 5:04 PM

    The recent automation in technology and transportation allows the people to live as well as work in any part of the world without any restriction but subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria. This development has more positive benefits than its negative consequences.

    The biggest advantage is that people who face shortage of jobs in their native country can travel to foreign country which recognize their skills and talents. Due to this factor today, individuals choose to stay in a developed country for livelihood and enjoy higher standard of living. This is also evidenced by latest report of Michael Page organization which state that 24% of doctors and engineers in USA are from countries like India, Japan and China. Nowadays developing countries has started to follow the culture, practices, and policies of developed countries for better infrastructure, health care and education which result in benefit to its society.

    Despite this, it also has drawbacks as society start losing interest in their culture and adopting foreign culture as they think they look rich and modern if they follow other culture and values. Admittedly its biggest disadvantage is that due to this technology development people left their home and move to other country where they need to live without their family even though they can contact them over the phone or social networking site but to stay together feeling is always missing.

    To summarize, I should say that even though there are few disadvantages like staying without family or leaving our culture and values, but these issues cannot overrule the major advantages such as employment, better infrastructure and resources in foreign country.

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