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  • Tvisha

    June 8, 2021 at 8:17 PM

    There is no doubt that approximately fifty percent of the people aspire to work in other countries , which is made possible with the help of modern aviation and communication .

    On one hand , moving so far away could bring a gap within ones relationships with their family and friends . The present-day softwares can help maintain the connection but meeting in-person is most likely to overpower the same .

    However , The new environment will provide an opportunity to develop life skills . This helps us achieve an exposure which would be the right fit for holistic development ! Learning about a new language , culture , ethics and traditions of a country would expand our horizon . One such example is when I learnt that in Germany the work is emailed directly without the need for a meeting and that helped me manage my time at my current office .

    Furthermore ,working in another country is also considered as adding an asset to the nation . Living with people of contrasting backgrounds teaches us to find a solution to every problem and to understand their perspective on common subjects .

    Taking everything into consideration , I would argue that the advantages of this development do outweigh the disadvantages as moving to different counties would provide a better quality of life .

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