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  • Abhi

    June 8, 2021 at 8:33 PM

    The freedom to work and live a settled life in any nook and corner of the world is being accessed by numerous people as technology and development in communication science is increasing rapidly in contemporary society.

    In my opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in such a situation. Cultural and social intermixing occurs as a result of migration, allowing people all over the world to enrich their knowledge of the world’s cultures. It permits people to be more welcoming, empathetic and open-minded towards new customs and traditions as portrayed by immigrants. For example, settling with a family in a foreign country is deemed to be extremely beneficial by scientists as biracial and multiracial children are healthier and significantly contribute to the process of human evolution. Intercultural and interracial interaction along with international exposure also allows people to be more accepting

    However, on the other hand, ‘brain-drain’ is a word commonly associated with leaving one’s country for work or educational purposes. This shortcoming of relocation of people has led to devastating outcomes, especially in the third world countries. The developing countries are hard hit when native citizens immigrate to different countries, running after alluring and tempting job offers. For instance, nowadays, most developed nations like the USA and the UK are becoming saturated with students and other employees seeking better opportunities and luxuries from all over the world.

    To conclude, it can be overall resolved that movement and settlement of people in other countries is beneficial and, to some extent, also an absolute necessity to help in the progression of the human race.

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