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  • Rahila

    June 8, 2021 at 8:55 PM

    The world has virtually shrunken and is now being referred to as a “global village”. There are options now which allow people to move to different countries, start a life or a business there. This has become possible because of the tremendous progress in the fields of travel, communication and technology. This essay will shed light on both the advantages and disadvantages of migration and emphasize on why i believe that the pros overshadow the cons here.

    There are a few disadvantages associated with mass migration. One important reason is the rise in population in places where people decide to move to. When there is a rise of population in a place, there is simultaneous need to cater to their needs like transportation, which contributes significantly to the level of air and noise pollution. For instance, the level of air pollution in Switzerland in the year 1990 was really low when compared to the levels recorded now. In addition, there is always a looming threat of loss of jobs for the native people when there is an influx of foreigners. With the reducing number of job vacancies, there is going to be an obvious rise in unemployment among the natives. An example for this can be seen in gulf countries where original populations were left without jobs because the foreigners were taking up most of them.

    Contrary to this, there are a lot of advantages which i believe, completely outweigh the disadvantages. To embark on, when people of different cultures mix together, there develops better understanding of different races and thereby leads to an increased level of empathy. Empathy is absolutely essential for peaceful co existence. A good evidence of this can be seen in the UK, where people have of different ethnic backgrounds have been living together since time immemorial which now has lead to a decrease in racially motivated crimes. Moreover, another very important factor is, it gives better chances for people living in impoverished or developing countries. Humans should be given the freedom to make their lives better. This is supported by the fact that people have been able to make lives better for themselves and their progeny by moving to different places.

    To conclude, though there are both drawbacks and benefits to this idea of immigration, i believe it is better for people to move and settle in different countries.

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