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  • Gundeep

    June 8, 2021 at 9:07 PM

    Advancement in communication technology and transportation have allowed people from all around the globe to do their work while sitting in any part of the world. I believe that this has more advantages than drawbacks.

    The main downside of this is the valuable time which families used to spend together have considerably decreased, although with the introduction of some free and easy online platforms like skype, zoom or google meet it has become easier to maintain contact with friends and family but it is not the same as having a live conversation face to face or going for a small outings or picnics frequently. Also, with the improvement in transportation the total air pollution level has increased in the past few years despite the efforts by the government promoting public transport majority of the people like to travel in their own vehicles as it is more comfortable.

    The main advantage of advancement in transportation is that they can help people to travel long distances with ease and in much shorter time, making it possible to spend a vacation at any part of world and learn new culture, language and trends of different countries.

    Also, with the advancement of communication work can be done at any place with a simple internet connection and a laptop, which has reduced the fatigue involved with the traveling and increased work efficiency. It has also created opportunities for people to take out some time which was usually used in travelling to improve their health and fitness.

    To conclude, in my opinion although there are disadvantages of modernization in communication and transportation, they are outweighed by the advantages.

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