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  • Navraj

    June 8, 2021 at 9:31 PM

    In recent years, technological advancement has benefited people to a great extent weather it is working or living in different parts of the world. From my prospective its advantages definitely outweighs its disadvantages.

    The major problem with these developments can be seen on the youth as they have moved overseas to explore the global opportunities but it will have detrimental affect on their relation with their loved ones due to loss of personal touch with them. Although, communication through voice and video calling apps is much more easier these days but they cannot rejoice the moment which is achieved through face to face interaction. To exemplify this statement, one of my close friend is working in New York and we can just greet each other over virtual platform but we are saddened to not see each other in person.

    However, alongside disadvantages I believe that we should not leave behind its benefits because they play an integral role in our lives. Firstly thanking to the evolution of mass transportation, journeys have become easier than before especially it is just a matter of time. For instance, bullet train has been invented which benefits not only to reduce the time that most people spend on travel but also help them to experience a luxurious life. Moreover, when it comes to communication masses could take advantage of such applications as Skype to communicate with anyone or even have a office meetings. Although these devices might require them to have a basic understanding, they would help people to work regardless of geographical barriers.

    In conclusion, despite the fact that people could face minor problems related to advanced technology communication and transportation, I think that the benefits will have a much more influence on people.

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