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  • Shyam

    June 8, 2021 at 9:58 PM

    In modern history, people have more freedom to relocate to another country for their work. Now days many foreign companies are inviting talented people to shoulder them. It is becoming more feasible with use of technology and transportation.

    A good illustration of this is communication technology, people are selected over the call it might video or audio. But with few applications like – skype, Microsoft team, zoom, g-talk and what’s app business account. Recruiter’s are opting video call. Even though people are happy to relocate in another country as they have opportunity to explore new culture, environment, tradition, languages even education system. It is fruitful with financial aspect.

    But it also have some drawback they usually get disconnected from family, friends and relatives in sweet and sour time. They have only one option which is video call.

    Is it good not to be with them. No doubt it is bad but for few it is good as they can help them financially in tough time.

    As people are showing more interest toward middle east countries and accepting their living methodology. In my final view it has disadvantage as people are disconnected with local trend it can be spiritual, religious and culture as well.

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