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  • Shoaib

    June 8, 2021 at 10:52 PM

    Advertising is an old concept that companies used to promote their products and services to the public, but nowadays, due to IT revolutions, we see so many ads, banners on social media, and televisions where companies are advertising their products and services. Emerging social media apps like Facebook, YouTube, twitters, Instagram’s cutting the huge cost of the companies. Usually, companies advertise those products that enforce the public to procure like beauty products, clothes, food and beverages, and luxuries items, etc. sometimes, these products are insatiable and consumer lose their money and trust in these kinds of companies but sometimes it really fulfilled the need of the customers and they refer these products to other families members and friends

    Nowadays, there is very tough competition among the companies which sometimes becomes very disruptive especially for entities that want to launch new products and services in the market. The companies should be meticulous when they are launching campaigns for new products and services, their offer should not be deceptive and should be gripping and entice that customer will drive to procure. The companies before launching the campaign should make sure that products should not be off-limits and make them easy for the customers to procure.

    According to my views, I am agreed with both statements because advertising is playing a very important role to boost the sales of companies for the products that are not customer needs but they procure because of knowledge that gains from advertisement and also advertising support a lot to those companies to create the awareness of new products among the people that will definitely add value to their lives by saving money and reducing procurement cost

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