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  • Vamsi Krishna

    June 8, 2021 at 11:04 PM

    In general, most companies advertise their products through different mediums like the internet(websites), text messages, customer care calls, ads in movies, etc. they invest a huge amount for creating and promoting ads. If we observe some of the advertisements aren’t realistic they do just to lure the customers. Some are made disruptive calls every weekend without knowledge of the customer whether they’re gripping or not. I agree with companies are encouraging us to buy products that we do not require.

    For example, if you register on any traveling website they do post emails, text messages to you with some discounts that are exclusive only for you to entice. Sometimes you don’t need to register if you visit any shopping website the new technology recommended system analyze your search queries and suggest you to buy the product on their website. Sometimes these ads embarrassing us. If you’re watching youtube videos suddenly irrelevant ads are appearing on screen that are unconventional.

    Another example, Buying clothes online and shopping malls. When we purchasing clothes online the manufacturing date etc are hidden to the customer. We get messages from shopping mall huge discounts on apparels grab quickly if you go there the discount is on limited and old stock. Yes, the new products make our lives better, but not all. For example, the apple watch is showing oxygen and heart rate on it helps old people to check their health minute to minute.

    To summarize, when we are procuring any product check the quality, if you’re using an e-commerce website read the reviews after using the product don’t forget your review, it helps others.

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