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  • Sakshi

    June 8, 2021 at 11:07 PM

    Today in this fast track world, where people have a very limited attention span, people can forget to do their most important tasks of the day but they won’t forget the tune of the advertisement jingle playing all day long on various digital mediums. Such is the effect of advertising world on our daily lives, these advertising companies can make us buy their product even if we don’t have the need for it. While, it may seem to the advertising companies that they are doing us a favor by introducing their new updated products I admit that they are not truly wrong. We do need to know about the recent trends and developments in this world and that is why advertising on various platforms is the best way to learn about this.

    Advertisements are the best way to put up your word among the public, as it is for the public, by the public and to the public. Sales of your product can simply increase within a few hours with the put up of your product advertisement on the public sharing booths. These advertisements are not only just used for multinational companies but is also used by the government to promote their running party or to make the public aware about certain changes in the laws. For instance, the Indian government promoted the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan with their famous jingle. So, advertising companies have a very string impact on the public with their advertisement works.

    With the immense advertising power, any product, any message, any scheme, or it may be any important information, the public gets to be aware through promotion on various platforms whether it be on national television, social media platforms, radio stations or even on your mobiles. The simple power of advertising companies can be experienced. There may be cases of unnecessary promotions, but this is the whole point of advertisement.

    In conclusion I believe advertising is the best way to expand the ongoing technological advancements in the world and also to add value to public lifestyle.

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