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  • Arsh

    June 8, 2021 at 11:20 PM

    Advertisements can help us gain knowledge of a number of new things that we would require in our day to day life but can also lead us to buy products that would have no significant value. According to my opinion , both these viewpoints are correct at some level and we would be discussing these in the paragraphs given below.

    Undoubtedly , advertisements have become a vital aspect of our life as there are many new products in market which we come to know after seeing a banner or promotion of that thing on TV. For example , when I was buying a new straightener ,I was unaware that a new category known as brush straightener would press hair within a time span of 5 minutes. Hence would save our time and energy to a great extend. I came to know about this new straightener while I was scrolling my social media account.

    On the other hand there are various examples of how these advertisements can be disruptive as they would lure costumer to buy products that are fake. There are numerous companies in market available that would project their products are genuine. One of my friend was attracted towards a sunscreen lotion , claimed by the company as a star product but that cream resulted my friend with various skin allergies.

    To summarise , I would like to say that I agree with both statements that advertisements can help consumers to be aware about many new products but can also result in breaking trust of consumers as they would buy things that are not upto their expectation.

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